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How do you stop caring about what other people think of you? Too many people downplay themselves because they’re afraid of what other people might think about them. That fear comes from these expectations that this world/society has put on what it looks like to be a human in today’s world. What does it mean […]

How to stop caring about what others think


It all starts with your mind and what you choose to think, the stories you choose to believe and that becomes the energy you put out to the world. That energy you put out determines the actions that you’re gonna take and the results you’re gonna get. You get to choose what you believe in […]

How to Get Your Inactive MLM Team Members Back!


  Getting organized in your business will help you manage your time and work more efficiently so you get better results with less time. I’m giving you 3 Tips that will: Help you know exactly what activities to complete every day when you’re ready to work your business How to save yourself from repeating tasks […]

3 Tips for Better Time Management


Imagine how your life will look like next year. Really picture how your ideal day will look like a year from now with all the little details from sunrise to sunset. And that’s what you’re gonna write on your journal. Whatever you want to happen in your life and business, write it down as if […]

Growth Mindset for Network Marketers


We have a special guest today on the podcast! Melodie Bishop is the founder of Abundant MomLife LLC and a productivity coach for moms in network marketing. She’s a former teacher turned top 1% network marketer, turned best selling author, turned entrepreneur and podcaster. Her mission is to help network marketing mamas learn how to […]

SMART Goal Setting for Network Marketers


The 4:2:1 System If you add all these numbers up, you’re gonna come up with 7 as in 7 days of the week. We’re gonna break down what you should post every day to grow your team organically. People ask me all the time how I grew my team to over 200+ personally sponsored stylists. The overall […]

3 Steps to Grow your Network Marketing Team


You don’t need to spend hours messaging people or posting on social media all day to make more sales. Times have changed with this Social Selling world and if you want to keep up, it’s time to pivot how you are doing things. These 4 strategies are sure-fire ways to ramp up your sales, without […]

4 Sure-Fire Ways To Get More Sales in Network Marketing


I refuse to believe that of the millions of people, mostly women, that entire into this industry, only 1% are working really hard to get to the top. I know someone needs to hear this the way I did 3 years ago… Myth: The top 1% are the hardest workers I don’t believe there’s statistically only […]

The Real Reason There is Only a Top 1% In Network Marketing


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