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If you lost EVERYTHING today, who would YOU be? Often times (if not always) we associate ourselves with external factors. Oh, I’m just a mom, a teacher, a student, a businesswoman, this and that. But can you describe yourself without ANYTHING external? Without any label that society has put on you? Stop thinking about who […]

Who are YOU?


Connect the Puzzle Pieces Think of your life experiences as a part of a puzzle. We may think of certain events in our life that didn’t mean anything else at the time, but what it really did was to teach you a lesson. Like me, being a cheerleader, joining pageants, and being a teacher didn’t […]

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How To Find Your Purpose


Oh, hey Network Marketing, Social Selling, WAHM, Online Business, MLM, and Direct Sales Babes…Are you ready to take this thing to the next level with me? I hope so, because we are taking Cash In On Confidence all the way on our mission to help even more women shine bright unapologetically and be audacious about […]

How to Turn Your Hobby into Your Main Job


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