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Unplug Social Media The main culprit of unproductivity – social media. A lot of you might say “but I work on social media, my business is social media”, but let’s be real. Are you really working right now or are you just mindlessly scrolling? You know when you’re actually working and when you’re being unproductive […]

5 Ways to Stay Productive


In February of 2020, I stumbled upon the opportunity to become an Independent Stylist with an amazing online boutique, Closet Candy! This opportunity is just getting started — with pre-launch in November 2019 and the official launch in March 2020.

I feel incredibly blessed to be apart of such an awesome community from the ground floor. I have been loving every minute of it and it is exactly the breath of fresh air that I needed in this network marketing world. I don’t feel pressure to sell or recruit. I simply get to share something I’m passionate about with my friends and inspire them to look and feel their best from the inside-out.

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Closet Candy Boutique Independent Stylist


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