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THE CORE FOUR The 4 separate methods you should have in your business to know which actions to take to grow your customer base. This will help you make a workflow that will create a seamless process from stranger to rockstar team member! Shine Start creating content on a long-form, long-reach platform. Long form = […]

3 Step Process to Attract More Customers for Your Social Selling Business


Unplug Social Media The main culprit of unproductivity – social media. A lot of you might say “but I work on social media, my business is social media”, but let’s be real. Are you really working right now or are you just mindlessly scrolling? You know when you’re actually working and when you’re being unproductive […]

5 Ways to Stay Productive


Oh, hey Network Marketing, Social Selling, WAHM, Online Business, MLM, and Direct Sales Babes…Are you ready to take this thing to the next level with me? I hope so, because we are taking Cash In On Confidence all the way on our mission to help even more women shine bright unapologetically and be audacious about […]

How to Turn Your Hobby into Your Main Job


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