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For the last couple of weeks I have been talking about how, when you are someone who is multi passionate, when you’re a multi passionate entrepreneur, meaning that you have a wide array of interests. You have lots of things that you’re interested in and you want to be able to do all the things. […]

The #1 Mistake Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Make


So here’s the thing. I am doing a mentorship group with my network marketing team. So I am with two companies now. And in these two companies, I have created groups and in these mentorship groups each week, we are going to be focusing on a different core aspect to building your social selling network […]

It’s Not You.. It’s Your Strategy!


A couple of days ago I went live in my VIP group on Facebook to talk about what I am doing to ensure that my business continues to grow despite feeling like Instagram has it out for me right now. I feel like my reach has plummeted recently on Instagram and while I’m still really […]

How to Combat Low Social Media Reach


What does it really mean when people talk about going to the next level? When people talking about levelling up, what does that look like? How do you make that happen? How do you get there? It’s a real thing. I know it sounds good, and I know people say it. But what does that […]

What Does “Next Level” Really Mean?


MINDSET MAGIC Mindset is one of my favourite things to talk about. The reason for that is because it was mindset that changed my business. I feel like I had a pretty good grasp on strategy; I knew what to do. I quickly picked up on social media. Content came pretty naturally for me. I […]

Energy x Effort


Hey Queen!!! What’s up girl? It has been a minute! Your girl has been putting in work behind the scenes. So last time, I announced that I was leaving my former company that I grew an incredible business with and was starting all the way over from zero at a new company. And since then, […]

Mind & Body Connection


Are you still trying to grow your business by “building relationships” a.k.a. sending random people messages hoping to make them feel like you want to be their friend and care about them? If so, I’m willing to bet it doesn’t feel very good to you and you’re probably not seeing great results either. Building Relationships […]

“Building Relationships” is SO 2017


“Building relationships feels fake to me. I don’t like it and that’s why I stopped working my business.” This is such a common theme in the social selling space. You’re taught to “build relationships” but those relationships are only for the sake of hoping it will turn in to a sell or team member. But […]

How to Build Authentic Relationships


Before I came up with this formula, I felt like I was just spinning in circles in my business. Like I was always having to hunt people down, pretty much beg them to buy from me. I couldn’t figure out how to sell without it being yucky and icky. I would sell here and there […]

2 Step Sales Formula


I feel like this topic isn’t talked about enough in the Network Marketing space, but it’s definitely a game-changer when done right. In this industry, there’s a mindset behind duplication. Everyone wants to show everyone else how easy it is to join their team. Showing them that this business is something you can duplicate. That they […]

Why You Need To Brand Yourself


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