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Ready to hear some truth bombs? Ya’ll know I’m here to help you; I’m not here to pat your back and tell you you’re doing a good job when you’re not. The network marketing industry is tough but I promise you when you have all the systems down, it’s going to be so so rewarding. […]

4 Reasons You’re Not Succeeding in Network Marketing + A BONUS


  If you’re trying to find equality in your life for everything, it’s NOT gonna happen. There, I said it! You’re just gonna end up feeling like you’re doing something wrong; you’re always gonna feel like one part of your life needs more of you and other parts less of you. BALANCE Meaning: A state in […]

Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Exist


Are you a Christian that feels uncomfortable with the idea or concept of manifestation? I was too. But then I realized that manifestation doesn’t have to be what the world makes it. You don’t have to believe in “the Universe” or crystals or all of the other woo woo stuff to practice manifestation. Manifesting is […]

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Biblical Scriptures for Manifestation


You’re probably self-sabotaging and you don’t even realize it What’s self-sabotage? It’s when you unconsciously screw up an opportunity simply because of your thoughts. For all of you who do this, you definitely NEED my Breakthrough Blueprint. It’s 6 steps that help you get clear for whatever you want! Let’s say you have this desire […]

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How to STOP Self-Sabotaging


Why are your affirmations NOT working? Ever felt like you’ve manifested and affirmed yourself thousands of times about that life you want but it got you nowhere? Affirmations are supposed to make you feel better right? But why aren’t you? You can keep telling yourself “my business is thriving” or “I’m hitting my goals” over […]

Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working?


If you lost EVERYTHING today, who would YOU be? Often times (if not always) we associate ourselves with external factors. Oh, I’m just a mom, a teacher, a student, a businesswoman, this and that. But can you describe yourself without ANYTHING external? Without any label that society has put on you? Stop thinking about who […]

Who are YOU?


Connect the Puzzle Pieces Think of your life experiences as a part of a puzzle. We may think of certain events in our life that didn’t mean anything else at the time, but what it really did was to teach you a lesson. Like me, being a cheerleader, joining pageants, and being a teacher didn’t […]

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How To Find Your Purpose


Don’t imitate others When we see others doing so well in their field, we tend to imitate them. Because they’re doing SO well, we find ourselves trying to do what they do, act how they act – there’s a simple solution to that: JUST DON’T. Don’t try to imitate how other people do things because […]

Get Over Imposter Syndrome


Unplug Social Media The main culprit of unproductivity – social media. A lot of you might say “but I work on social media, my business is social media”, but let’s be real. Are you really working right now or are you just mindlessly scrolling? You know when you’re actually working and when you’re being unproductive […]

5 Ways to Stay Productive


Oh, hey Network Marketing, Social Selling, WAHM, Online Business, MLM, and Direct Sales Babes…Are you ready to take this thing to the next level with me? I hope so, because we are taking Cash In On Confidence all the way on our mission to help even more women shine bright unapologetically and be audacious about […]

How to Turn Your Hobby into Your Main Job


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