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As a reformed hustle and grinder, I’ve talked a lot about how hustle is toxic, unsustainable and can be detrimental to your business and personal life! But recently, I’ve felt so aligned with the idea of showing up often and boldly for my business. So this left me with a question: Can hustling actually be […]

The 2 Types of Hustle


I feel like this topic isn’t talked about enough in the Network Marketing space, but it’s definitely a game-changer when done right. In this industry, there’s a mindset behind duplication. Everyone wants to show everyone else how easy it is to join their team. Showing them that this business is something you can duplicate. That they […]

Why You Need To Brand Yourself


This is my interview by Melodie Bishop of the Abundant MomLife for Network Marketers Show on all things confidence, imposter syndrome and how to really succeed in network marketing! What do you think about the turnover in network marketing and why is it so common? The turnover in network marketing comes from a few reasons. […]

Confidence and Imposter Syndrome


Before talking about standing out, let’s talk about fitting in first. That, more than anything, is the actual problem here. It’s not necessarily what you need to do to stand out, it’s what you need to stop doing to stop trying to fit in. When you’re in Network Marketing, you end up surrounded by other […]

How to Stand Out Amongst the Crowd


When you’re building a network marketing business, it’s important to keep yourself healthy because you are the driving force of your business. This business relies on your energy and your personal best, so we have to make sure you’re always in tip-top shape. How do we do that naturally, though? Let’s find out how we […]

How Your Health Affects Your Wealth with Kari


I don’t want you to feel like you’re limited to one person when you’re looking for a mentor. There are tons of educators and speakers out there you can learn from simply by following them on social media or listening to their talks/podcasts. But if you’re really serious about learning from a mentor, ask yourselves […]

How to Choose the Right Mentor


How do you stop caring about what other people think of you? Too many people downplay themselves because they’re afraid of what other people might think about them. That fear comes from these expectations that this world/society has put on what it looks like to be a human in today’s world. What does it mean […]

How to stop caring about what others think


Imagine how your life will look like next year. Really picture how your ideal day will look like a year from now with all the little details from sunrise to sunset. And that’s what you’re gonna write on your journal. Whatever you want to happen in your life and business, write it down as if […]

Growth Mindset for Network Marketers


If you’re in the network marketing industry, you’ve probably already heard about Income Producing Activities or IPA’s. This is what everyone tells you to focus on…. but I beg to differ. For me, IPA’s are IMPACT Producing Activities. Stop treating your business as if it’s just another income source. Don’t focus on only earning more and benefitting […]

IMPACT Producing Activities for Your Network Marketing Business


Ready to hear some truth bombs? Ya’ll know I’m here to help you; I’m not here to pat your back and tell you you’re doing a good job when you’re not. The network marketing industry is tough but I promise you when you have all the systems down, it’s going to be so so rewarding. […]

4 Reasons You’re Not Succeeding in Network Marketing + A BONUS


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