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Featuring my conversation with Kinsey Streib of Feel Good Social on trading burnout for boundaries! Episode 70 of Cash in on Confidence. How did you get started in this space and what led you to having this mindset around social media? I help down to earth entrepreneurs, market your biz on social media in a […]

Trading Burnout for Boundaries


I’m really pumped to share about this because this topic is probably the very first thing that catapulted me into the growth journey that I had been on for the last few years. It really took me from a life where I felt like I did not have any control over my circumstances. I felt […]

Positive Thoughts & Energy ≠ Positive Results


For the last couple of weeks I have been talking about how when a multi passionate entrepreneur, meaning that you have a wide array of interests, you have lots of things that you’re interested in and you want to be able to do all the things. You don’t want to have to choose between this […]

The #1 Mistake Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Make


Abundance I want to talk to you guys today about abundance and about having a life in a lifestyle where you desire more than enough and you are okay with that. And you are proud of that and you accept that there is nothing wrong with it. More than enough is going to look different […]

It’s Okay to Desire More Than Enough


What I have found is that most people in the network marketing space WANT to grow a team. But their fear of becoming a leader and having to help other people often holds them back from putting the opportunity out there or actually stepping into their own power as a leader as their team grows. […]

Is Fear of Leadership Holding You Back?


MINDSET MAGIC Mindset is one of my favourite things to talk about. The reason for that is because it was mindset that changed my business. I feel like I had a pretty good grasp on strategy; I knew what to do. I quickly picked up on social media. Content came pretty naturally for me. I […]

Energy x Effort


Alright, y’all welcome to raise the vibe, you guys. I am so excited for this. So pumped for this. This came to me in a moment, as I was just feeling like, man, the vibe in my world right now is through the roof. I don’t know how long you guys have been following me. […]

Raising the Vibe Masterclass


Hey Queen!!! What’s up girl? It has been a minute! Your girl has been putting in work behind the scenes. So last time, I announced that I was leaving my former company that I grew an incredible business with and was starting all the way over from zero at a new company. And since then, […]

Mind & Body Connection


As a reformed hustle and grinder, I’ve talked a lot about how hustle is toxic, unsustainable and can be detrimental to your business and personal life! But recently, I’ve felt so aligned with the idea of showing up often and boldly for my business. So this left me with a question: Can hustling actually be […]

The 2 Types of Hustle


I feel like this topic isn’t talked about enough in the Network Marketing space, but it’s definitely a game-changer when done right. In this industry, there’s a mindset behind duplication. Everyone wants to show everyone else how easy it is to join their team. Showing them that this business is something you can duplicate. That they […]

Why You Need To Brand Yourself


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