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Hey there! I’m Tiffany Wynn, an affiliate stylist with Copper + Rose Boutique. I’ve been in this boutique world for  3+ now and in the social selling industry for almost 8 years! I recently discovered the brand new affiliate program with Copper + Rose Boutique and knew that this was an opportunity I had to […]

Become a Copper + Rose Boutique Affiliate Stylist


A couple of days ago I went live in my VIP group on Facebook to talk about what I am doing to ensure that my business continues to grow despite feeling like Instagram has it out for me right now. I feel like my reach has plummeted recently on Instagram and while I’m still really […]

How to Combat Low Social Media Reach


What does it really mean when people talk about going to the next level? When people talking about levelling up, what does that look like? How do you make that happen? How do you get there? It’s a real thing. I know it sounds good, and I know people say it. But what does that […]

What Does “Next Level” Really Mean?


MINDSET MAGIC Mindset is one of my favourite things to talk about. The reason for that is because it was mindset that changed my business. I feel like I had a pretty good grasp on strategy; I knew what to do. I quickly picked up on social media. Content came pretty naturally for me. I […]

Energy x Effort


Alright, y’all welcome to raise the vibe, you guys. I am so excited for this. So pumped for this. This came to me in a moment, as I was just feeling like, man, the vibe in my world right now is through the roof. I don’t know how long you guys have been following me. […]

Raising the Vibe Masterclass


Hey Queen!!! What’s up girl? It has been a minute! Your girl has been putting in work behind the scenes. So last time, I announced that I was leaving my former company that I grew an incredible business with and was starting all the way over from zero at a new company. And since then, […]

Mind & Body Connection


I’ve been on the hunt for the best collagen for a few years now. I’ll be 33 this year and I’m starting to feel it. I didn’t know much about collagen but I knew it could provide benefits for my skin and body as I age. I started trying various collagens, mostly powers you can […]

The Best Collagen in the Market


I have decided to leave the company that I was with for 2 years. The company that meant the world to me, that came to my life when I needed it. It was the answer to my prayers. I believe that God led me there because I needed to be there. I had the most amazing […]

Why I Left My Company


As a reformed hustle and grinder, I’ve talked a lot about how hustle is toxic, unsustainable and can be detrimental to your business and personal life! But recently, I’ve felt so aligned with the idea of showing up often and boldly for my business. So this left me with a question: Can hustling actually be […]

The 2 Types of Hustle


Sun’s out and so are we! We ain’t got no time for boring spring no more. Celebrate Spring in (mom) style with these super cute outfits. Tops HIGH STANDARDS PUFF SLEEVE TOP Don’t be afraid to set your standards high with this adorable top! These fun puff sleeves are the perfect statement that your closet […]

Mom Approved Spring Styles


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